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Trout Season Begins

Opening Weekend of Trout Season saw lots of Anglers taking to the streams and lakes across the Alleghenies this weekend to see what they could catch. We spoke to some people fishing in Philipsburg about their catches.

It was a cold day, but those out fishing told us that the fish were biting. One fisherman saying: “Definitely a good start. Yesterday was really great. The sun was out.” Trout Season officially started in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The Game Commission says there are nearly 16,000 Miles of wild trout streams throughout the Commonwealth. That’s on top of the nearly 5,000 Miles of streams and over 125 lakes stocked with Trout.

On Sunday, there was a school of Fishermen at the Cold Stream Dam in Philipsburg angling for some trout. Some people weren’t so lucky. One Fisherman we spoke to had only caught one thus far, but said that it was a pretty good sized fish. Another fisherman had a bucket of catches to take home to cook for his daughter, saying: “My little girl caught all of these. She doesn’t let me throw nothing back. She loves to eat fish.”

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