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Trash Business Slows Down

Amid the pandemic a business that seen some set backs. But overall is one that we rely on as trash hauling. Gary Sinderson has our story.

We’re here at the what’s the sign say?, Over here at the dump that’s what they like to call it here Centre County transfer station. Trash from across the county comes here and is transfered to landfills elsewhere.

Like just about any other business these days the pandemic is having an impact. On the trash hauling business and that includes the items are recycling.

“One of the things that we have seen is that our emails with specific questions about recycling have more than tripled.”

Joanne Schaffer Centre County’s Recycling Director says with more people stay at home. It’s change the recycling priorities for one there’s a lot more cardboard coming in.

With all the home shopping orders and more of us are drinking from aluminum cans. Which as aluminum in short supply.

“So because of the increased consumerism and consuming beverages alcoholic or non, in aluminum cans at home. The industry itself hasn’t been able to shift to making. Can sheet more quickly than what the demand was.”

For many trash haulers commercial businesses down and their costs our up spending. More for COVID-19 protective measures. Another new issue again is tied to more people at home getting meals delivered.

“Meal services are up by over 50 percent. And so we’ve got packaging coming out of California. That’s polystyrene on the inside plastic film on the outside. It says it’s recyclable on it but it isn’t really nowhere.
In the Northeast.”

At the transfer station Schafer says. The best news is employee health. So far there’s been no positive COVID-19 test results. And despite the challenges of the pandemic here in centre county well over half about 55 percent of all
trash is recycled.

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