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Tomahawks vs. Titans

Inside the War Memorial, the Titans and your Johnstown Tomahawks faced off Saturday night.

Back in the Net was Josh Graziano. He allowed only one goal Saturday night. Jay Ahearn did a spin move to get past his Defender and gets back involved in the Offense. The crowd loved that move by Ahearn.

Look at all the comotion in front of Graziano. Nope, it wasn’t getting past him. He had a Shutout against the Titans.

The Hawks got it rolling in the Second Period. Ahearn sends it out to Max Smolinksi. He shoots and Ahearn is there for the clean up and the first Goal. Will Margel and Max Niel also added Goals for the Hawks to Win 3-0, their second Win of the weekend.

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