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To Mask or Not To Mask?

To wear your mask or not wear your mask? That’s a question that’s been a little bit confusing lately. Right now in Pennsylvania, the Mask Mandate is lifted. You’re not mandated to wear one. However, the CDC put out new guidance this week. They’re now recommending that people return to masking for areas where there is “Substantial” or “High” Transmission Rates of COVID-19. And that’s regardless of your Vaccination Status.

Out of our 10-County-Viewing-Area, Elk County is the only one that falls into those categories. They’re in the “Substantial” range. We spoke with the Chief Medical Officer at Conemaugh Health System to see what she recommends for our area. Elizabeth Dunmore M.D., Chief Medical Officer saying: “I completely support the use of masks. Masks are one of our best tools to prevent spread of the virus. As we are seeing more COVID in our area, I think it’s reasonable for people just to resume wearing masks whether they’re vaccinated or unvaccinated. There’s never anything wrong with putting a mask on. You will always be protecting yourself and protecting others around you.”

To find your County’s Transmission Rate, go to

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