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Thunder in the Valley 2021

An annual summer event for our region is planning on making its return this year. Organizers say Thunder in the Valley is in the works to take place in June.

After a year off because of COVID-19 restrictions, Thunder in the Valley will be back this summer, according to Visit Johnstown’s executive director, Lisa Rager.

“We are planning to move forward as best as we can. We are still dealing with a number of unknowns in terms of what types of mitigation efforts might still be in place from the Governor and what rules we will have for gatherings and things like that,” said Rager.

The annual event is set to take place June 24 -27. The rally typically brings thousands of people into Johnstown, which is why organizers say the cancellation last year cost the region millions of dollars.

“We are like everybody else. We miss not having the events, we miss not putting the events on. We know how much thunder means to the economy in our area, the businesses in our area. A lot of them rely on the revenue that comes into town,” said Rager.“We want to be able to do what we do. And be able to bring these events back to the community and get our travel and tourism back and start to get some revenue flowing back into the economy and into our businesses,” she added.

She is encouraging Johnstown residents and visitors to be patient, while her office deals with constantly changing guidelines.

“I just want to stress that there is an asterisk there. And it is, if we can, when we can, and how we can. There are just some things out there that are not within our control and our goal is to always keep public safety at the forefront of what we do but we are hopeful and really trying the best we can,” said Rager.

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