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The Tax Ministry

Scott Seifer served in the Air Force for 22-years. He then retired and came back to his native Blair County deciding to run a non-profit, charitable tax-filing service at an Altoona church.

It benefits those who can’t afford an accounting service as well as more than a dozen causes.

Dylan Huberman is in studio and joins us live with more. Dylan, how did this start?

Scott Seifer says he was always intrigued by numbers and found a way to help others with them.

“When I got out, God just pressed it upon my heart that really there’s something here that I can use.”

Seifer started the new life worship center tax team twelve years ago, built to run entirely on donations which Seifer says have been plentiful.

“We probably ran 150 to 200 thousand for charities, and that’s what we do, we just get all the money, and we give it all away. We don’t keep any of it, it’s all volunteer-based.”

Seifer tells us they use the money to support local causes, even international ones too.

“We’re also helping people over in Kenya. There’s an orphanage that we help over there, we’re giving money. We’re also helping kids that, for the wells and everything, for clean water.”

While it started slow, he says it’s picked up quite a bit over the years.

“The first year, we had two people, so that’s kind of heartbreaking. But I understand that I had to get some trust there, and that’s what I did throughout the year. This year, we did 1835 tax returns for people.”

And he says it’s just as rewarding for him and the other volunteers as it is for those having their taxes taken care of.

“You might think that we‘re providing a blessing to people  we’re truly the ones that are blessed out of it.”

If you wish to donate or seek out the service, you can check out New Life Worship Center Tax Team’s Facebook page.


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