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The Nehemiah Project

The Nehemiah Project wants to expand on their Wright Place for Kids program by giving underprivileged kids more opportunities to engage in different activities that will help them grow in many other aspects of life.

Dr. Peter Joudry, the CEO of Nehemiah Project says: “It’s just a powerful opportunity for us to invest in young people in our community.”

Faith. Compassion. Partnerships. Community. Empowerment.

These are what the Nehemiah Project holds as their values.

Now, they want to add a little more light to the kids lives that are a part of the Wright Place for Kids program, all in remembrance of the daughter of a partner in the project, who passed away in a tragic accident.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to encourage people to discover, develop, disciple and dream. Those are the four d’s. We believe this is going to be a gamechanger for our neighbor and for our city.” said Joudry

This expansion will add onto the elite performance baseball clinic in the center.

Included will be a full size little league baseball field, 4 half batting cages, 1 full batting cage, pitching mounds and tee-ball. They will also hold clinics and have an agreement with the Altoona Curve to send over some people every once in a while.

They already have teams lined up to be a part of it all.

“We know that there is an opportunity here to invest in young people’s lives and to see that investment pay a dividend, in terms of self-esteem, teamwork and maybe escaping from their realities in other environments they are in. This is going to be their field of dreams.” says Joudry

They tell us they are almost finished and are projecting an opening date in the first week of December to start renting out to groups.

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