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Texas Puppies Arrive at Cambria County Humane Society

The Cambria County Humane Society has some new, special, Residents from Texas. There are always cats and dogs for adoption, but it’s rare for there to be puppies. Now, the Shelter has over a dozen and it was a long journey for them to get here.

A little shy and unsure but cute nonetheless, these puppies just made quite the trip to the Cambria County Humane Society. Executive Director Jessica Vamos saying: “These puppies came in from the State of Texas. We have 14 puppies in total, 8 of those being Sheppard mixed breed puppies and six of those being a catch-all mixed breed puppy.”

The pups got a ride from ‘Freedom Rides of Texas’ which aims to end the overpopulation of cats and dogs. Vamos says potential Adopters always call for puppies, adding: “Knowing that we could answer that request of our adopters as well as save the lives of the puppies being in a high kill State, we really saw that opportunity and are really excited to see how this all plays out and hopefully be able to do it again in the future.”

Vamos says the puppies will find homes fast, but hopes this will get people to look around the rest of the Shelter. And if you can’t adopt one of these pups, the Shelter hopes you’ll consider making a donation. Vamos saying: “Caring for 14 puppies is a really big task. It’s going to add a lot of work here at the shelter.”

Those Donations will help the Shelter get the puppies the Medical Care they need right now after their trip from Texas.

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