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Support Our Schools Program

Four teachers from Greater Johnstown School District volunteered their time over the summer to teach students in a way they have never taught before.

Christian Wrabley, Tracey King, Toya Thomas, and Robert Malcolm switched their chalkboard for a green screen to teach for the “Support Our Schools” program.

They were filmed teaching lessons in math, science, language arts, and social studies, which will be broadcasted to over 200 school districts in Pennsylvania.

They say it’s just in case schools were to shut down again due to COVID-19, but Christian Wrabley says it’s also a supplement to the learning happening right now.

“It shows the mind of the people who work in education. The more teachers I come in contact with, the more I’m just impressed with teachers and the work that they do,” he says.

Superintendent Amy Arcurio says one Chrome Book was given out per family since many were back ordered, so this program will help bridge the digital divide right here in our area.

“Most families, if they don’t have the internet, and if they don’t have a device — they do have a television, and they are connected to local programming,” she says.

The teachers created a lesson where students would have to create a solution to a problem in their communities and neighborhoods, and Tracey King says that’s what they were doing themselves through this program as educators.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen with what school would look like, and it helped me feel like I was preparing for whatever that situation would be,” Tracey says.

These lessons that the teachers worked on all summer will launch October 12th and will be available on an app too.

Toya Thomas says this will help with the unknowns of a school year amid a pandemic.

“I think the best thing that we can do for our students is to make sure that we’re prepared in every aspect that we can be, just to make sure they’re getting what they need,” Toya says.

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