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Superintendent Reaction to Court Mask Ruling

With the mask mandate in jeopardy. The legal back and forth has school districts waiting for a more definitive answer. Douglas Braff spoke with some area superintendents. So Douglas, what are they saying? Superintendents are waiting to see what ultimately comes out of this legal battle.

Many districts in our area have experienced frustration from parents over their enforcement of the mask mandate. The Commonwealth Court today ruled that a school mask mandate that came into effect September seventh is void, but the State Department of Health filed an appeal to put that on hold.

In the Supreme Court has given that appeal a grant.

This comes just a few days after the Wolf administration announced it planned to end that mandate in January, no matter the final results of this legal back and forth.

Bald Eagle Superintendent Scott Graham hopes for quarantining the rules for quarantining students or changed. He feels too many asymptomatic students are sent home for the required ten days.

“In September, we had students that actually were sent home three separate times and each time is a ten day quarantine, so they weren’t in school, and it’s just frustrating.”


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