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Stump Creek Water Project

Stump Creek Village in Jefferson County is being awarded $2.6 million to replace their entire water system.

This money is coming from the Department of Community & Economic Development’s Block Grant Program.

Bill Setree, the Director of Community Development for Jefferson County, said this was a competitive application process.

The water system at Stump Creek has had a history of issues for years.

At one point in 2019, the only way residents could get clean water was to go to a water buffalo in the center of town.

“It has been fully restored but they’ve been having issues on and off with different leaks and the storage tank being drained, they’ll be out without water for a period of hours until the water gets pumped back into the tank,” said Setree.

This project will impact 234 residents in Stump Creek.

“They’ll still be able to use the adjusting water lines, they’ll be replacement lines that’ll be put in alongside the existing and once everything’s in it’ll be transferred over,” Setree said.

Setree said this project will take about a year to complete.

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