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Stone Bridge Brewing Supporting Black Lives Matter

One local business is supporting the Black Lives Matter movement by joining a world wide campaign.

Stone Bridge Brewing Company in Johnstown is joining has become a part of the Black is Beautiful beer collaboration

The Black is Beautiful beer campaign is a collaborative effort to bring awareness to the injustices people of color face daily. The idea started at a brewery in Texas and has made its way to downtown Johnstown.

“Their goal with that was to give the craft brewing community an opportunity to do something to help support the black lives matter movement,” said co-owner of Stone Bridge Brewing Company, Jeremy Shearer.

Over 900 breweries are a part of the black is beautiful movement. All which are donating money from their beer sales to organizations fighting racial injustice.

“Pretty much every one of us is committed to donating 100% of the profits from this product. So, it’s everything from large breweries who are producing thousands of gallons of this product down to small breweries who are making a few hundred gallons. Um but you know every little bit matters,” said Shearer.

But more importantly, they hope this beer will start discussions about race and recent events.

“It’s about conversation and awareness. You know if you take the politics and the money and all that stuff out of it. It really comes down to is figuring out how we can make our community a better place for everybody that lives here,” said Shearer. “Something as small as this is a great way to keep the conversation moving along and let the community know there is a lot of support. And it is not a political thing it is simply a community thing and that’s what we want to focus on,” he added.

The beer is set to be released sometime in August.

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