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Steelers Update

Now, if only we could have heard Ben Roethlisberger’s reaction to Daniel Carlson’s game winning field goal for the Raiders last Sunday that sent the Steelers to the playoffs.

A video has surfaced of Ben with true uninhibited joy as he realized that his team was headed to the postseason.

But unfortunately, the video has no audio. But it’s OK. We did get the point. We can imagine what he had to say, and we will know that we will get at least one more look at seven in the playoffs.

So now as for the game, the Steelers have their work cut out for them. The Chiefs are a Super Bowl front runner in the AFC, and the Black and Gold will enter as 13 point underdogs.

But that’s OK because there’s no pressure.

No one expects the Steelers to win the upcoming. Obviously, we all have our fingers crossed. Ahead of the upcoming game, Ben delivered a simple message to his team very matter of factly.

“Assume as a group you understand that, you know, we are supposed to be here, or probably not a very good football team where the out of 14 teams I think are in, we’re prior No. 14.
We’re double digit underdog in the playoffs. So let’s just go play and have fun and see what happens.”

Steelers and Chiefs play in Kansas City Sunday night at 8:15.

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