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Coach Tomlin Talks About Chargers Loss

Today, in his weekly spot following the Black and Gold, a heartbreaking loss to the Chargers on Sunday Night Football, the defense made a few key plays in the second half to bring the
Steelers back in route to 27 fourth quarter points.

But all in all, it wasn’t the best of showings, even against one of the AFC best quarterbacks in one of the AFC East best offenses.

Steelers, of course, were down Mikah Fitzpatrick as well as T.J. Watt as well, Tomlin said, looking good for both to have a shot to play this week,

They should get back on the practice field in preparation for the Bengals, but time will tell. They’re now in regards to the defensive game plan for the loss. Last week,

Tomlin made no mistake who he feels is most responsible.

“I take responsibility for that. Looking back at it, I felt that way instantly after the game, and I still feel that way with the with the configuration of people that we had available
to us on defense, we probably should have done some things differently, more out of our personality. To be quite honest with you, drawing inside the lines when you got significant
people missing kind of at every level, we weren’t able to to to be as good as we desire to be and win those moments versus a well-balanced group like that.”


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