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Steelers Quarterback Concerns

Good evening. Early returns on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for the Pittsburgh Steelers are positive. Head coach Mike Tomlin said today Ben has been 100% in his full preparation for this week’s game, though he is vaccinated, so it bodes well for a return against the Chargers this weekend.

But that prep so far has been virtual and now the silver lining. Roethlisberger could make it just one week missed, but in the event he does miss a second straight week on that COVID list, it will be Mason Rudolph show and Rudolph did not really have the benefit of a full prep full week of Prep,

I should say. Knowing he would be the starters, the starter. Instead, he was thrust into action late last week against Detroit to say coach Mike Tomlin noted today not really much changes for the Steelers offense, no matter who was in a quarterback.

Similar skill sets, if you’re buying that fine. Here’s what Tomlin had to say.

“Like I just mentioned also, I said we prepared the game for Ben last weekend and Mason executed it. And so there’s, you know, there’s not a lot of significant difference is not like, you know, Mason Rudolph runs 44 and all of a sudden we can start doing some more, you know, some run pass options and things of that nature is not as significant a discussion as one would imagine. There’s probably more likes and dislikes.”


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