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Steelers Offense Assesment

The standard is the standard that sounds a lot like Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, and speaking of the Steelers. Last night we examined Matt Canada’s offensive assessment, you should say, of the Steelers as they head into the bye week.

Of course, he’s the offensive coordinator, but tonight it’s time to talk. Defends the Steelers a good, not great through six games on the defensive side of the football going to look to return healthy and fix those lapses in the run game.

Sometimes they were, but sometimes the front wasn’t in the right place to do it just there. So, you know, we got it, we got there. Some things we need to shore up and make sure that we can play in certain situations, and they ran up the middle on this couple of times.

That wasn’t exactly inside linebackers fault of both of them. So we have to we have to be a little bit better in terms of what we’re doing, not just not just the central bankers, but to the defensive line and and the way we coordinate the secondary stuff like that.


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