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Steelers Go 9-0

9-0 feels good and the the Steelers are looking good. We’ve seen this team adapt. Defense early in the year allowed many Third Down Conversions. On Sunday, the Bengals converted on 0 of 13. Now, we’re seeing the Offense adapt and evolve, as Pittsburgh emerges as a real Super Bowl Contender. It was nice to see the Offense looking like it did on Sunday. Everyone did their part. The Line allowed 0 sacks against Big Ben. Roethlisberger was phenomenal with 333 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Ben had 7 different targets on Sunday. In 9 games, the Steelers have posted 24 points or more. There are only two other teams that have posted 24 points each week, the Packers and Saints. Both in the NFC. The only AFC team that’s come close is the Chiefs. They’ve posted at least 23 each week. Now Ben at age 38 is utilizing his young Receivers. Juju’s only 23, the hype man for the Black and Gold said that the Steelers Offense was so successful Sunday because they have options that are always ready.

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