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Stay at Home Advisory

According to secretary of health Dr. Rachel Levine, events with more than 500 people indoors are now prohibited and events with more than 2,500 people outdoors are also prohibited.

All bars and restaurants are ordered to suspended alcohol sales on 5pm Wednesday until 8am on Thanksgiving morning.

Dr. Levine says all indoor dining for restaurants remains at 25% unless restaurants self certify.

A stay at home advisory also goes into to effect today but Dr. Levine says this is not a statewide shutdown order.

The Clearfield County Commissioners are encouraging you to follow these orders and connect with family members virtually on Thanksgiving.

With these new restrictions, County Commissioner Dave Glass says he doesn’t think it’ll hit the economy but it’s all up to us to do our part.

“If people don’t do the right things and we have to do further mitigation yeah I think it will eventually damage the economy”

“I think that it’s important on us that we as customers, we the patrons of these businesses to patronize these businesses try to do it with the guidelines as established”

The commissioners say there will be additional enforcement by state police, the DOH and liquor board to enforce these orders.

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