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State Theater

The 31 Days of Halloween film festival kicked off at the State Theater of Johnstown this month.

Eric Reighard, Executive Director of the Johnstown State Theater Foundation, said this is their first big film event.

“We’re showing 68 movies over the entire month of October. Every day, there will be a movie or a double feature for people to come down and enjoy,”

The genres of the films range from classic to modern.

“Every time, we’re totally blown away as to who comes walking through the door to experience whether it’s a family-friendly movie or one of the hardcore horror movies that we show in the evening,” Reighard said.

He said the Halloween films have been drawing in community members from every age group.

“It’s things that they watched when they were younger, so you have an older crowd. It’s parents that they remember seeing it at the drive inns or on VHS, and they want their kids to experience it on the big screen.”

The State Theater was built in 1926, known as the “Crown Jewel” of Main Street in Downtown Johnstown.

“They built it for 1.6 million dollars. Over the years, it changed hands and ownership. Eventually when it was passed on to the hospital, it became part of the various hospital systems,” Reighard said.

Reighard a graduate of Richland high school and his family moved to the Baltimore area in 2015 and came back to Johnstown a few years ago.

“We wanted to come back and have some sort of impact in a positive way,” he said.

That’s when the Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership was looking for the next owner and operator for the theater.

“We were able to thankfully be chosen. We’re really thankful and blessed for that opportunity,”

You can visit the State Theater’s website or Facebook page to view the Halloween movie schedule and purchase tickets ahead of time.

Tickets are also being sold at the door.

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