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State College May Pass New Mask Mandate

As we reported last weekend, Centre County became the last of our 10 counties to cross the high threshold of coronavirus transmission, signified by the color red on the CDC’s mapping.

In wake of the continuous rise of cases, a new covid testing location has opened at the Nittany Mall in State College.

Dylan Huberman spoke to borough officials regarding the recent spike.

The new testing site, a product of collaboration between the county and AMI Expeditionary Healthcare, aims to help curb the growing spread, something the borough of State College says is crucial.

“We continue to have to fight against this pandemic, we need to continue doing everything that we can in our power to slow the spread of this pandemic. The demographics are trending younger, this delta variant, everyone knows how dangerous, how quickly it spreads.”

Doug Shontz, the assistant to the State College borough manager, says the re-enactment of certain mitigation protocols in the borough is within the realm of possibility, and the borough’s board of health recently met to discuss that.

“The State College Borough Board of Health did meet yesterday (Thursday) afternoon in a special meeting, and they recommended to council to consider a ordinance to require masking in all businesses in the Borough of State College, and so that’ll be discussed at the Monday, September 13th meeting.”

Shontz says the borough’s board of health has doubled down on it’s recommendations to council, with discussions in the upcoming council meeting to include implementation of protocols beyond current CDC guidelines.

“And what the CDC says right now in high transmission areas, which Centre County is in, the best way to limit the spread is to, whenever you’re indoors, to require masks. The other thing is the
Board of Health did ask for all activities that are taking place within the 4 and a half square miles of the Borough of State College to require masks at those (events), irregardless of if it’s
inside or outside, and vaccination status, to require masks at those events as well.”

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