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State College Man Charged

“I used a butter knife to take a door of it’s hinges to get away from him.” That is what a woman told Police how she escaped from a State College area man who is accused of sexually assaulting her. Now, Police say she is just one of several victims that he met through Social Media.

Police say 50-year-old Kevin Mullen of Patton Township assaulted 6 women, with the cases spanning the last 9 years. According to Mullen’s Criminal Complaint, the women have similar stories. The told Police they met Mullen through various Social Media sites, went back to his house, and then were assaulted.

Police say in the first case back in 2012, the woman agreed to clean Mullen’s home and became dizzy after he gave her some water. She eventually got away by using a butter knife to remove hinge pins from a door. A more recent case was earlier this year when Patton Township Police say they got a call from Johnstown Police say they got a report there of a woman being assaulted at Mullen’s home. One woman saying Mullen strangled her, others saying after they were overpowered, Mullen said he was going to rape them.

Mullen was arraigned Monday morning on a list of rape and assault related charges and was jailed in the Centre County Prison on $750,000 bail. Centre County DA Bernie Santorna is asking anybody else that has any information about Mullen to contact his office or the Patton Township Police Department.

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