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State College Foodbank

One of the main food banks serving Centre County says they’re in pretty good shape in serving their customers. And as Gary Sinderson reports one reason why ,they say, is the support they’re receiving from the community.

That was one of the main messages Thursday from officials at the State College Food Bank for state representative Scott Conklin, as he toured the facility. Keeping food on the tables for those in need during a pandemic has presented unique challenges. But the food bank is getting pretty of support

“One of our priorities for this food bank is no one goes hungry,and we’ve received so much support we could actually do more”

This food bank,and others in the county operate on a regional basis. Providing assistance where its needed through their re-donation program

“So we can reach out to other non-profist and others providing food and support them”

Food bank officials say one of the best ways to help is a direct financial donation that they can take to buy the goods needed at a particular time

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