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State College Connector Meeting

In Centre County Today, Penndot officials held a public meeting in Boalsburg regarding the State College Area Connector Project.

Dylan Huberman spoke with multiple people about the impacts of the project.

The project is still years away but after several meetings, some Centre County residents aren’t thrilled with this plan.

“Don’t like the idea of a major highway…coming so close to Boalsburg.”

To make this project happen, some people will almost certainly have to lose their land.

“Farmers and other people that might be impacted going directly through their neighborhood, yeah that’s a tough decision. Hopefully, whoever has to sacrifice their land will be compensated fairly.”

Penndot’s Assistant Project Manager Eric Murnyack says these meetings serve as information sessions for the public…and for Penndot.

“Absolutely I mean that’s part of the reason why we come to meetings is to get a better idea of what we’re all affecting and how we can move the road around to avoid certain impacts and how we can minimize impacts, just in general.”

But at the end of the day, both men agree something has to give.

“One of the comments that we’ve gotten over and over in meetings is we need to do something because there’s accidents on this road, people are getting killed on this road.”

“There’s totally a need to adjust for what’s there. We have a lot of accidents happening, it’s really, really bad, and it’s scary to travel on it as just a motorist.”

There will be another meeting at the Centre Hall on Wednesday from 3 to 8.


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