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State College Bike Paths

In the State College area a way to improve travel lanes for one of the area’s most popular forms of transportation bicycles. Gary Sinderson brings us that update.

State College and the surrounding Centre region is a hub for two wheeled transport. Penn State students and others bike the area on an almost year-round basis.

In the past decade, more emphasis developed more biking and hiking paths throughout the region.

One new project is plans for a bike path from this area in College Township, near PuddinTown Road along East College Avenue to the Penn State campus, which is less than two miles away.

More student housing already under construction nearby and College Township. The new pathway would have the same priority as others, improving safety on busy roadways. Center County Commissioner Mark Higgins. And then just on Sunday,

“We had another serious injury of a cyclist on North Atherton.”

“I think both of these suggestions are tremendous. I know there’s a lot of excitement for the ability to go from the current bike path along the bypass to just safely pop into campus. It’s right on my commuting route.
I see a lot of cyclists, but also a lot of pedestrians walking along the shoulder of College Avenue, and people go 50/55 miles an hour on that road and you’ve got pedestrians walking feet away from them. It’s pretty dangerous.”

Other new biking and hiking path projects in the Centre region are in various planning stages, the College Township project, close to $2.8 million will hopefully be shared with PennDOT in Centre County.

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