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State College Area School District Going Back to in Person Learning

The State College Area School District announcing Today that they will be resuming in person learning next week starting Monday the 11th.

This comes after the Mount Union Area schools reopened this week. As well as other districts announcing their back to the classroom plans.

District Superintendent Bob O’Donnell says that the decision to reopen was based on trusting staff and students to adhere to the safety measures.

“We’ve had one of the most aggressive mitigation plans in the state and we’ll continue. We now more than ever have to ensure that we adhere to the physical distancing, the hand washing, the masking.”

District officials reiterated the importance of following safety protocols was a key element to keeping the school open through Winter and into the Spring.

O’Donnell made it clear that they’ve had communication with Mount Nittany Medical Center, and will be prepared to act swiftly if an outbreak were to occur in the district.

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