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State Ballot Questions

Political analysts are pointing to this as a bellwether on how people feel Governors like tom wolf have handled the pandemic crisis.

One asks voters to give the general assembly the ability to extend or terminate an emergency declaration by simple majority and without requiring the Governor’s signature.

The other asks voters to approve a 21-day limit on emergency declarations unless the legislature votes to extend the order.

Two other questions up tonight deal with an equal rights provision allowing professional fire and EMS agencies to tap into a loan program designed for volunteer outlets.

When we will get final results may take some time, more than 800,000 mail in ballots are being counted statewide, those weren’t canvassed until this morning…and we’ve seen problems arise
across the state dealing with ballot shortages in several counties, primarily with Republican voters and some hiccups with counting mail in votes

The state’s interim secretary of state just wrapped up a press conference calling the election a success but discussing those problems that came up.

What questions do pass will not become official until after the election results are certified.

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