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Stadium Pub Outside Dining

In a matter of hours, the way Stadium Pub and Grille in Johnstown could serve customers changed.

The morning of June 15th owner Patrick Martella got an email from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board that the license for his extended outdoor dining area was approved. That afternoon Martella got another email from the PLCB that it had been rescinded when the state’s primary election results were certified.

“Memorial Day was wide open, well it took three weeks for them to give us that it didn’t just happen overnight. This was a stroke of a pen on Tuesday that rescinded all the COVID rules so it ends it ends with just the fact the election results had been finalized,” said Patrick Martella the owner of Stadium Pub and Grille.

Martella had set up tents in his parking lot since last year when no one could dine indoors to make ends meets. This summer he decided to make a more permanent outdoor dining area as he noticed customers didn’t want to stay inside to have a drink. Nearly $20,000 later Martella can’t use the new space as planned for one of the biggest events in Johnstown, Thunder in the Valley.

“We can sell beer as takeout just like we were able to before the pandemic. We’ll have to sell them lidded we’re just not allowed to have any liquor outside,” said Patrick Martella the owner of Stadium Pub and Grille.

Aside from not being able to serve customers in the outdoor dining area, Martella says the loss of cocktails-to-go will also take a hit at business. He says customers would buy them at the bar and then drink them in the fenced in dining area he built.

Moving forward Martella says he has filed for a new license through PLCB, which will take about 30 days to be approved. He hopes cocktails-to-go will also make a comeback in Pennsylvania.

“There’s a bill that’s out there right now to allow drinks to-go we’re waiting to see how that goes. There’s some things in there that both sides don’t like so they just need to find a common ground and get small businesses running and allow this drinks to-go at least through until they figure things out,”

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