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St. Vincent DePaul Food Program

Those struggling during the pandemic have been receiving support from community groups. But as Haleigh Dibetta explains, one group who helps others now needs a helping hand.

Saint Vincent DePaul food for families program in Johnstown helps put food on the table for those who need it most. And as that need for food has grown during the pandemic, so has the need to volunteers.

“We individually pack 400 boxes on an assembly line and there’s various items that need to be packed in each of those boxes”

On the second Friday of every month, the Saint Vincent DePaul Society packs boxes for their commodity supplement food program known as Senior Boxes

“We serve a little over 400 senior boxes a month, to the individuals who are 60 years or older and meet the qualifications and income guidelines through the federal program”

During the COVID-19 pandemic that need hasn’t gone away, but volunteers have

“We had always had a group of school students who would come during the school months and pack our boxes and help pack our boxes for us. but with the restrictions and the guidelines now and the safety of individuals the school is
no longer allowed to participate in that ”

A process organizers say takes about 20 to 24 volunteers three hours to complete

“We are looking for the community to come to our aid to get the senior boxes packed and out to the community”

Specifically volunteer groups through churches or other organizations

“If we could get 3 or 4 of those types of groups to come on a regular basis or sign up or you know “we’ll do october and we’ll do january” or something like that so we know that we have individuals that we can count on each month
and not have to struggle like we have been”

If you’re interested you can contact the food pantry to volunteer at the number you see on the bottom of your screen.

And again the volunteers are needed for next Friday, September 11th.

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