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St Mary’s Fatal Fire

We’re following Breaking News out of Elk County, where a fire in St. Mary’s claimed a woman’s life.

The fire was on the 300-block of Ash Street, where we can confirm a woman has died.

The exterior of the house was largely undamaged, as fire officials tell us that the fire was contained mainly in the kitchen.

Authorities say initial calls for a structure fire came in just before 5 pm, which led to the Crystal Fire Department, as well as St. Mary’s police and ambulance, to respond to the scene.

We caught up with a spokesman for the fire department who had this to say about the blaze.

“On arrival we were notified that the victim was pulled from the building by the St. Mary’s Police Department, a police officer, As we continued in route we attacked the fire, extinguished it, checked for hotspots we did find out
at that point that there was a fatality.”

The woman killed in the blaze hasn’t been identified.

We’ll keep you in the know as the investigation proceeds.


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