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St. Francis Vaccines

Saint Francis University health science students and faculty working in frontline healthcare settings received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine Tuesday.

The president of the university called the event a blessing.

“I don’t know if it’s quite sunk in yet that this is a historic day, and that this is the first step to getting back to normal, but I know as i reflect on this, and we see more and more people coming to campus for vaccinations, it’s really going to start to sink in.”

Individuals were vaccinated on campus through a partnership with Mainline Pharmacy, and the university’s DiSepio Institute for rural health and wellness.

The pharmacy giving the shots says they have given out approximately 1,300 so far, and no one has had any significant side effects.

“We got into it right away. I think that we received our first vaccines around January 3rd, and we started to vaccinate the next day. It is a monumental day to be able to partner with Saint Francis. It’s a great day for the community and for people.”

Campus officials say approximately 60-percent of the university’s students are enrolled in health sciences programs.

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