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Special Olympics Balloon Pop

It’s not very often you can pop a water balloon over your dad’s head without getting in trouble.

But that’s what Austin Lovenduski did Saturday morning to raise money for Special Olympics Pennsylvania.

“We just hope to raise some money and raise awareness (for the) Special Olympics,” said his dad, Vincent Lovenduski.

It’s called the “Polar Pop” challenge which is taking place of the organization’s annual “Polar Plunges” this year because of COVID-19.

Saturday’s event took place at SEADS Garden Center in Johnstown, which is managed by the Lovenduski family to employ adults with disabilities.

“Hopefully, people will see this and donate to the cause,” Vincent said.

Linda Pacovsky is a softball coach for the Special Olympics in Cambria County who also participated in the challenge.

“You can do this at home, take a video, and post it on the website. It’s going to be a fun event. We’ve got a lot of really cool videos that are already up,” she said.

Participants even include the CEOs of competitors Sheetz and Wawa.

Organizers with Special Olympics say COVID-19 has impacted their fundraising for events, and the “Polar Pop” is a way for people to help remotely.

“For sporting events, we pay for buses, and we pay for the meals. This is what helps raise money for that. It’s just such a great cause to be a part of,” Linda said.

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