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Special Needs School Teacher Shortage

A nationwide staffing crisis has continued to hamper many businesses and organizations over much of last year, and schools are not immune to this.

Dylan Huberman spoke with the Center County School, who tried to bring in staff with open interviews today.

“We’re not getting a lot of visitors today, so we’re hoping that some of the expressed interest that we’ve had in our online application system is still going to be refreshed and current”

New Story Schools has a number of locations across a handful of states, all dedicated to special education, but with a staff shortage plaguing many industries.

The State College location has to limit the number of students it can enroll for the moment.

“Unfortunately, we have had to institute a waitlist for some of the placements, so there are students that would qualify for our services and who are eligible to be transferred in as
soon as we have the staff that would adequately support their needs”

While admittance won’t grow without more hires. The school’s behavior manager, Jenny Bail, believes the school is properly staffed for the students they already have

“In this field. Our students do require a lot of support and attention at certain times throughout the day, so I think that I wouldn’t say we’re short staffed, but I think that there
is always an opportunity to have more people be in the classroom and be providing support. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much support when it comes to helping these kids.”

Selfridge agrees with Bell and says the need for that extra effort may be working against them.

“Just the general nature of special education is that there are ways that it is more challenging than general education supports. So I think that we’re facing that and being a solely
special education institution that is going to limit us a little bit because not everyone is interested in working with exclusively students with disabilities.”

But thankfully, Bail says teamwork makes the dream work at the school.

“Well, we have a lot of conversations with each other, a lot of checking in with each other when we see someone who needs help. We always have someone available to pitch in and help
them So I think the fact that we all look out for each other really helps us as a team”

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