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Someset County Native Recalls 9/11

20 Years ago the Twin Towers in New York City fell to the ground after being attacked.

One survivor who was working in the North Tower at the time is from Somerset.

Nicole Fuschino has their story.

This next story we’re going to share with you is about determination, trust, and hope. Almost 3,000 people were killed in 9/11 but I recently spoke with one of the lucky ones who survived
on September 11th, 2001

Thousands of people were working inside the Twin Towers printing papers, sipping coffee, and going about their day when suddenly one of the people working in that North tower on the 27th floor was Bryan Patrick a Somerset County native.

He said he actually saw and heard the plane outside his office window but never expected it to crash 50 floors above him.

“I look outside and there’s just paper flying everywhere, there’s debris, there’s dust, and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, a plane really hit the building.'”

After a terrifying race down the stairwell he safely made it out of the building before looking up and seeing what used to be his workplace.

“The building was on fire, smoke pouring out, there was this hole shaped like a plane.”

This video we’re about to show is graphic but Bryan said he saw this in real life and it will never escape his mind.

“They were holding hands. Seven, eight at a time, jumping all together.”

Bryan said people just thought it was an accident and continued standing in line getting hot dogs on the street, until

“Just as I was turning and looking up again, I hear the same engine again. I hear the same sound again. I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ It was coming in as smooth as can be, and then at
the last minute, it just tilted to take out as many floors as it could.”

People suddenly knew it wasn’t an accident it was an attack on America.

“That’s when it went crazy.”

Bryan ran to Battery Park to try and catch a ferry so he could get back home to New Jersey and then the building collapsed.

“I look ahead and there’s this stampede of people coming. They were covered like ghosts, covered head to toe in ash, dust, smoke.”

While waiting for the ferry he thought of his wife and four children who he needed to get home to.

“I thought I was going to be dead. I kneeled down and I started praying.”

Finally, a ferry came to the rescue

“People were going crazy. There was supposed to be this chain link fence to guide you into an order. People were climbing over it, it fell down, it smashed people. It just was mayhem.”

Bryan was lucky enough to get a spot. He later borrowed a cell phone from a stranger to call his wife and tell her he made it out alive

“I’ll be home in a half hour. She was crying and I was crying. Sure enough, a half hour later, I get home, I’m covered head to toe and the kids don’t even notice.”

A local ice cream shop was the backdrop for their happy reunion when they realized how lucky they were to be back together again.

“I felt like I had four children and a wife, and I needed to get home. I needed to survive.”

Bryan ended up getting a job in New Jersey after 9/11 happened and he has gone back into the city a few times to visit. I definitley learned a lot talking to him and that’s why he says he shared
his story so that people never forget.

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