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Somerset County Elected Officials Raise

Elected officials in Somerset County could see an increase in their paychecks in the coming years.

But only if the consumer price index sees an increase.

A CPI increase similar to the cost of living, is how the Somerset County Commissioners have determined salaries of officials since 2016.

The Commissioners met Wednesday night and unanimously voted on this resolution.

In the resolution the salary increase is capped at 3 percent.

The County Commissioners have to approve elected official salaries every 4 years.

But this resolution will not go into effect until 2022 and 2024 for some elected offices.

This is to ensure the Commissioners are not setting their own salaries.

“The resolution calls for a tracking of the consumer price index. Tapped at 3% in the same. IF there is a negative change in CPI, the salary would remain frozen in a particular year.”

The Somerset County solicitor also explained that these potential increases in salaries does not mean there will be a tax increase for residents.

Money for salary increases would be coming out of the county’s general fund.

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