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Somerset County DA Update

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts released a letter Friday showing that Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas tried to have charges withdrawn against his wife, days before he was charged with raping a woman.

That letter, which The (Somerset) Daily American reports was released following a Right To Know request they filed in the case, shows that Thomas wrote the letter on September 13th, seeking to withdraw charges that had just been filed against Amy Thomas. Investigators said Amy admitted to assaulting Jeff by digging her fingernails into his arm during an argument, according to the affidavit in the case.

“Please accept this correspondence as the Somerset County District Attorney’s Office request to withdraw the pending criminal charges in the above-captioned matter,” Jeff wrote to Somerset County Magistrate District Judge William Seger, who was originally overseeing Amy’s case.

Seger’s name was scratched out and was handwritten with a replacement of Somerset County Magistrate District Judge Susan Mankamyer.

No known action was taken on the letter and Amy’s case has since been handed over to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, along with Jeff’s case that came to light days after this letter was filed in which State Police said a woman came forward to say she was assaulted and raped by Jeff after he came into her home unannounced.

Jeff was arrested September 22nd on felony rape and other related charges in relation to that State Police investigation. He has since taken leave from the post, and Somerset County’s solicitor Michael Barbera says Jeff’s access to the courthouse and his access to a law enforcement database have been limited.

Thomas’ attorney Ryan Tutera has denied any wrongdoing in the rape case. Thomas and his attorney told reporters last week they have evidence that there is more to this story than state police allege.

Both Amy’s and Jeff’s preliminary hearings will now be heard by out-of-county magistrate judges at the Somerset County Courthouse. Amy’s preliminary hearing will be presided over by Westmoreland County Magisterial District Judge Mark Bilik on October 25th, while Jeff’s preliminary hearing will be presided over by Clearfield County Magisterial District Judge Richard Ireland on October 19th.

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