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Somerset Ambulance to Service Boswell

The Boswell Borough Council has unanimously voted to make the Somerset Area Ambulance association the official EMS provider of Boswell Borough according to a statement released on Wednesday.

This change comes after the Boswell Volunteer Fire Department elected to eliminate their EMS program due to financial constraints.

Locals have expressed concerns about delays in response times and care but council members are confident that the change will not bring any major issues.

“I don’t think that we’re going to have a significant alarming impact,” said Miranda Revak, Vice President of the Boswell Borough Council. “I think that everything will remain very steady since we acted fast. There is not going to be any lapse in coverage. We’ve already signed the deal with them so basically as soon as Boswell is done, they’re going to fall right into place. I think that its going to be very seamless.”

The solution however is not a long term one. Discussions will still continue about the future of EMS services in Boswell.

“We really don’t know if this is long term or if this is a temporary solution,” said John Jordan, the manager of Somerset Area Ambulance. “This is kind of uncharted territory for us, so we are working very closely with that community to get a better understanding of what the financial impact of this would be as well as the operational impact to see if there is something we can do a little bit better. In a perfect world there was an ambulance sitting in Boswell so in a perfect world we would continue to have an ambulance sitting in Boswell.”

The change will take place on October 1st but if you have any concerns the Somerset Ambulance will be at the Boswell Borough Block Party this weekend to answer any questions.

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