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Showcase For Commerce

The 30th Annual Showcase for Commerce in Johnstown was postponed until June of 2021 but in the meantime  there was a press conference Thursday to highlight the achievements local businesses have made within the past year.

The press conference took place at the Cambria County War Memorial where local business leaders gathered to celebrate recent contract awards, business partnerships, and recognition.

One main takeaway: $130 million worth of contracts have been awarded within the last year to local businesses, many of which contribute to national security.

“Johnstown has a huge impact on war fighters and their safety. Obviously the companies here are very proud that they’re a big part of that,” said Amy Bradley, President and CEO of the Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce.

That grand total includes a $23 million contract given to JWF Industries to manufacture components for combat vehicles.

Also, CTC was awarded an $11 million contract to develop enhanced ammunition for the U.S. Army.

“We’re bringing money from the outside in, we’re helping to create additional work for our small businesses, and it allows us to pay our employees,” said Ed Sheehan Jr., President and CEO of CTC.

Martin-Baker announced $13.5 million in contracts — one of which is with the U.S. Army to enhance safety for airmen.

Also, JARI is expanding their service area to more areas within southwestern Pennsylvania.

“How we all lift each other up – we all can help be part of the supply chain. When we can do it in the region, in southwestern Pennsylvania, it can only be better for our whole area,” said Linda Thomson, President of JARI.

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