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Sheetz Giving Employees a Raise

Sheetz announced a permanent $2/hour wage increase for all of its 18,000 store employees Monday.

Officials said the pay increase goes into effect May 21.

“To attract and retain top talent, we know we need to continue to invest in our employees,” said Travis Sheetz, President/COO of Sheetz. “That investment includes more than just competitive wages. We provide career growth opportunities and a clear path to promotion so life at Sheetz can be not just a job, but a career.”

Sheetz also announced a $12 million investment in summer stimulus program that they say will provide store employees an additional $1/hour wage increase from May 21 until Sept. 23.

The company says it also updated its parental leave policy which includes 12 weeks of fully paid time off for new mothers and two weeks of fully paid time off for partners.

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