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Servpro To Help in the South

In February, winter weather ripped through parts of Texas and Oklahoma and as the snow melted it left behind unimaginable damage. Homes were destroyed as pipes burst and took down walls and water damaged everything it touched.

Despite being over a thousand miles away a local company in Cambria County wants to give those in Texas and Oklahoma some relief. Employees of Servpro in Ebensburg will travel down south in March to help repair storm damage as part of the company’s larger storm response team, but they won’t go empty handed. Servpro has started to collect donations of items people down South desperately need.

“We’re hopefully filling a tractor trailer maybe two but we want to get all these supplies down to them to not only help from the normal Servpro standpoint but a donation standpoint as well,” said Kaley Kozian the Operations Manager of Servpro Ebensburg.

Kozian says they’re collecting cases of water, non-perishable food, toiletries, pet food and supplies, diapers and baby formula, batteries and flashlights. Donations are being collected until Friday March 5th and can be dropped off at the Servpro office in Eebensburg. Kozian says people can also bring donations to 6 To Go in Nanty Glo, Mihalko’s General Contracting in Johnstown, Young People’s Community Center in Ebensburg and both Cricket Wireless locations in Johnstown.

“We’re fortunate enough that we have the employees that care about this they truly take pride in what we do. They go there with the mindset not thinking they’re going to work 12-15 hours they’re thinking we’re about to help people that need help,” said Kozian.

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