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Senator Jake Corman Speaks Out

Senator Jake Corman, last week called for the resignation of the state’s election director, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar

“We need a more straight forward policy. what got me mad was the election director issuing last minute policy changes which can give the image of impropriety,which is the last thing we want”

Boockvar rejected the resignation request saying her critics were attempting to suppress voting. President Trump has repeatedly cited Pennsylvania when raising voting issues. We asked Senator Corman if he knows of any cases of fraud or wrongdoing in last weeks election.

“Ive heard some stories anecdotally,but first lets get the county,and then if there’s a recount or lawsuits, thats up to the individual campaign”

Some state lawmakers are calling for the elimination of mail-in voting

“I think after any election like this,there’s issue we can review”

In Centre County,close to 33 thousand mail in ballots were processed and tabulated

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