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School Mask Mandate Reactions

Tuesday morning parents and students from Dubois Area School District protested Governor Wolf’s mask mandate

Which went into effect for all Pennsylvania schools.

“Because this is America. We have rights, just like you.”

This sixth grader at Dubois Area Middle School was also protesting after he was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to wear a mask.

“At second period, I was brought down to the office. They made me do my work in the office, until I was picked up just to come down here and protest.”

His mom says she supports her son’s decision 100 percent.

“Every day this week, I’ll continue to drop my son off at school here, and he’ll continue to receive an education from the school, whether it be in the school office or in the classroom, whichever
they choose. But my son will be attending school without a mask if necessary.”

Since there is currently no vaccine approved for children under 12 years old state officials say masking is the answer to keeping children safe.

“While the majority of children can’t be vaccinated yet, we know that there are other reliable ways to protect them those who can’t be vaccinated from the spread of the disease, including
wearing masks indoors. Wearing a mask in school is necessary to keep our children in the classroom, and to keep COVID out of that classroom.”

As for this sixth grader we asked him what he’ll do Tomorrow

“I may or may not have a medical excuse. If I don’t, I’m going in without one anyways.”

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