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School Funding Trial

Nearly four months of proceedings during the state school funding trial finally concluded with closing arguments earlier this Afternoon.

Greater Johnstown School District Superintendent Doctor Amy Arcurio was one of the petitioners in the case against the state

Dylan Huberman spoke with her shortly after the trial concluded

After spending about a third of a year involved in this case, Doctor Arcurio says she learned a lot about financial disparities in education across the Commonwealth.

“By our participation in this trial, We have learned that unfortunately for thousands of children across the Commonwealth, From the other superintendents who I’ve been on this case with the stories are, the stories are all too true, and all too similar.”

She believes hearing these stories from her peers that she never met before the trial showed just how clear this issue is.

“Dylan that’s so true…for some of the superintendents I met them the first time being affiliated with the trial and it was amazing that small rural, school districts, larger, urban school districts, suburban school districts when you come from a low well district and you can’t generate revenue from your local community, you’re depending on the state to help you make that difference.”

Doctor Arcurio says funding would mean the world to her district.

“For us and Johnstown it really can lift an entire community out of poverty. It really can change the life and the trajectory of our students. Funding matters. We know that Our children come to us on below their peers in more affluent school districts but we also know that every child can learn, and we know that if we can intervene, we can make a difference in the lives of our children.”

And she has even more respect for GJSD district staff.

“We have these amazing, passionate people that are very capable of making a difference in the child’s life, and what that tells me is I can’t even imagine what they could do if they had the resources that they needed every day to make to, to make the child’s experience different than it is.”

Win or lose, she says this case served as a huge awakening.

“Being able to be a part of this and sharing our story no matter the outcome brought awareness, and it definitely brought attention to a situation that has been overlooked for quite some time.”

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