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SCASD Switches to Remote Learning

State College Area School District officials say they decided to move to online classes after recommendations from the DOH to move all Centre County schools to remote learning.

Superintendent Bob O’Donnell just said last week the district is moving at a day by day basis.

“Obviously that includes watching the virus in our community, both in the Penn State community, our community, and those where were intertwined, not just on campus.”

But after Penn State reported over 200 cases in the last two weeks, officials say they had to make a decision for the safety of their faculty and students. Superintendent Bob O’Donnell saying in a statement,

“Fully remote is certainly not where we want to be, and I can assure you that our goal is to get students back in schools as soon as possible.”

But with the Department Of Healths data showing Centre County currently with the second highest rate of cases 100,000 people in the state, district leaders felt it was the only way to go for now.

Some parents expressed their concerns about moving remote yet again, through Facebook writing,

“Here’s an idea. Get the university to send the college students home instead. They are 100% the reason the cases are so high since they can’t seem to hold off on the parties and gatherings.”

And, “This is so disruptive to our children’s education. Go remote. Stay remote. Stop the back and forth nonsense so that our children can salvage an already less than adequate education.”

School officials say they plan to re-evaluate the situation again on Friday to discuss whether or not students can return to in person classes


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