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Sandy Twp. Looking for Funding

One local municipality is working to combat the loss in revenue due to COVID-19.

Chelsea Johnson joins us live with how officials in Sandy Township plan to do so, Chelsea .

AJ since the pandemic Sandy Township officials say they’ve seen a reduction in their revenue that will cause them to postpone multiple projects to next year.

Sandy Township Managers Shawn Arbaugh says they are seeing a reduction in their water and sewer revenue because of lack of usage, he says this is mainly due to restaurants not being at full capacity.

Additionally he says there’s a two percent reduction in earned income tax revenue, he says he expects that to be a 10 percent drop by the end of the year costing them $145,000.

With this decline in revenue Arbaugh says they had to postpone projects for this year, one of those projects was the renovation of their baseball field and their summer recreation program with the

To help combat some of the effects of the Coronavirus Arbaugh hopes to receive Cares Act Funding.

“We are working closely with our county commissioners on this Cares Act Funding that we need does come through we submitted our expenses and about $273,000 for things that will help us. Here locally react and respond to COVID-19.”

Arbaugh says he hopes to get approval for this funding in the coming weeks

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