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Sandy Twp / Dubois Consolidation

Sandy Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh said the community hasn’t been too vocal on the Sandy Township-DuBois consolidation.

“We haven’t had a lot of folks either for or against consolidation coming to our meetings or emailing or calling in. So we haven’t had a whole lot of response from the community at this point,” said Shawn Arbaugh, Sandy Township Manager.

Arbaugh said they plan to conduct a survey to hear if residents really want to consolidate.

If the public holds interest, then they would move forward.

“The next step in the process would be to put together a home rule charter committee and really commit that committee and those members to probably 6-8 months of a lot of work putting together the home rule charter,” he said.

The home rule charter is the process of creating a new government specific to DuBois and Sandy Township.

All in all, Arbaugh said this process will take some time.

“The DuBois city council has to approve of the survey before its officially rolled out. So we’re hoping that this coming Monday that they do approve that expenditure,” said Arbaugh.

If city council votes to move forward with the survey, Arbaugh said they would analyze those results for 3-4 weeks before appointing a home rule charter committee.

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