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Sandusky Federal Appeal

Less than a week after convicted child abuser Jerry Sandusky filed an appeal in Federal Court asking for a new trial a judge is already recommending that the appeal be dismissed, saying it’s too early to consider the issue in Federal Court.

Here’s whats sparking the quick response from a Federal Judge. Sandusky’s State Court system appeal process is still alive specifically on the issue of restitution he was ordered to pay after being convicted in 2012.

After the Centre County Court costs for his case included close to $95,000.00 in restitution, Sandsuky challenged the restitution amount. A State Court ruling last Spring sent the restitution issue back to Centre County Court where it remains unresolved.

A Federal Judge is recommending Sandusky’s new Federal filing be dismissed at this point essentially saying the State Court restitution appeal should be resolved before Sandusky takes his case to a Federal Court. The judge does leave the door open for a Federal Appeal to filed at a later date.

Sandusky was convicted on 45 criminal charges of child sex abuse and continues to serve a 30 to 60 year sentence in State Prison.


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