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Sandusky Askinf For Federal Appeal

Convicted child abuser Jerry Sandusky is again asking a judge to grant him a new trail.

But now he’s opened the appeal process in a different court system.

Sandusky, through his new attorney, filed his latest request to vacate his 2012 conviction and grant him a new trial in the federal Middle District Court of Pennsylvania.

Sandusky has practically exhausted much of his appeal process in the state court system, but many of the issues raised in his new federal filing are similar to previous appeals.

Sandusky is claiming that his attorneys in the 2012 trial were ineffective in a number of key areas.

Sandusky also mentions other issues, including that the trial was not moved out of Centre County and that at least two jurors had questions about them being impartial.

He also mentions that the trial judge would not let his attorneys resign from the case when they told them the day before the trial began that they wanted out.

The appeal also cites the massive worldwide pretrial publicity surrounding the case.

Sandusky is now hoping for an evidentiary hearing in federal court.

After being convicted on 45 criminal counts, the 78-year-old Sandusky continues to serve his 30 to 60 year state prison sentence.

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