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Salt Trucks Ready to Roll

The first day of December brought the first major snowfall for the region. As a result, the trucks began rolling out to treat the roads. In Westmont Borough, public works director, Don Blasko says the salt piles are stocked and ready to go.

“Salt, we don’t really have any problems getting it. Hopefully again, this is the first snowfall so we will be ordering salt by the end of the day just to replenish what we used to keep a full stock of salt, but we haven’t had any issues even as of last year,” said Blasko.

He believes the pandemic won’t have any effect on salting and paving roads.

“Actually, as of right now, no. And I wish there was wood around to knock on it. As of right now we have not had any COVID cases at all even anyone coming down with any as in the flu or being sick,” said Blasko. “We have the hand sanitizer, face masks things like that that the crews have been wearing. Again, our biggest thing is just trying to stay away with the general public, so we don’t come in contact with anything,” he added.

As well as social distancing from people, drivers should also be keeping their distance from the plows and salt trucks.

“It does shoot out salt and stone at any given time. Mostly intersections, hills things like that. Distance is always one of the biggest factors, so the salt and the stone doesn’t hit the cars, plus stopping factor,” said Blasko. “There could be ice, looking at tonight the temperatures going down the way they’re expecting it to go down, there are going to be ice patches. So, you know your stopping distance is going to be one of the biggest things,” he added.

He also wants to remind residents to be patient during this season. Plows and salt trucks make their way first through main roads, hills and then hit the side streets.

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