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Ryan’s Artisan Goods

Small businesses have struggled throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. We’ve even seen some in our area close their doors for good, but one man in Johnstown has turned on his shop’s open sign for the first time. It started in his kitchen, then grew to local Farmers Markets, but now if you’re in Cambria City you can check out Ryan Fondelier’s Artisan Goods shop.

The COVID-19 Pandemic didn’t stop Ryan Fondelier from chasing his dreams. With a pinch of love and a dash of faith, Fondelier has taken his passion for baking bread without fillers or preservatives from his home kitchen, to local farmers market and now a storefront in Cambria City, Ryan’s Artisan Goods.

Fondelier says the secret ingredient to his success is family. With the loss of his Father Rick, Fondelier says the business has bonded him and his Mother. Community support is what Fondelier believes will keep them open for years to come. Ryan’s Artisan Goods is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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