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Ryan Shazier Announces Retirement

Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Ryan Shazier officially retired from Football Wednesday in an emotional video posted to his social media accounts. This was the news that noone wanted to hear, but ever since his injury against Cincy on Monday Night Football in 2017, it appeared almost unavoidable.

From day one Shazier has surprised Doctors and rehabbed with the goal of playing once again. Making such significant progress and gaining the ability to walk when there was a time it was feared he may be permanently paralyzed. But a spinal stabilization surgery had Shazier walking again a few months later and he never looked back.

A former 2014 First Round Pick out of Ohio State, Shazier’s NFL future was bright, but it just wasn’t the hand he was dealt. Shazier will turn his sights to other focuses. See video for a clip of Shazier’r retirement announcement.

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